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Last updated: 1/01/02

This is my official For Sale page. Since I keep all of my beloved plushies all I have to offer is regular ponies, playsets, and accessories. Click on any underlined item for a picture of it. Most of these are going up for sale on eBay or Yahoo soon.

I have the following for sale in various conditions. I am also trading for plush ponies. I have references on both eBay and Yahoo. Please feel free to join LPPGroup mailing list for updates on this site and Lofty's friends sale and trade items!

Playsets: In different conditions and without most accessories.

Paradise Estate Paradise EstateParadise EstateParadise EstateParadise EstateParadise Estate

Poof 'n Puff Perfume Palace Poof 'n Puff Perfume PalacePoof 'n Puff Perfume Palace

Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe

(Show Stable) Home Sweet Home (Show Stable) Home Sweet Home(Show Stable) Home Sweet Home


New Pony Hard Puzzle

1998 New Pony Ivy Keychain

Cabbage Patch Kids "Making Friends" Hardback Book


Birthflower Morning Glory - September
Baby Heart Throb -BBE
Baby Tiddley winks
Locket -TE
Ginger Bread - TE
Baby Blue - Mail order Embers Dream
Baby Shaggy
Cotton Candy
Firefly -org
Firefly - Firefly adventure pony
Love Beam
Yum Yum -TAF
Princess Tiffany
Princess Dawn
Buttons -SS
Sweet Stuff -TE
Sea Pony Wave dancer or UK Wave Breaker?
Sea Pony Sea Light
Baby TippyToes
Baby Starbow
Baby Gusty - BBE
Baby Stockings - Mail Order
Baby Chucky E.Cheese - Mail Order
Flutter Pony Rosedust - (no wings)
Giraffe Creamsicle
Berry Bright
all 3 mcdonalds ponies
Majesty -came w/ Dreamcastle
Hula Hula
Merry Treat
Sundance -TAF
Cherry Jubilee
Minty -concave feet
Minty - Flat feet
Butterscotch - Concave Feet
Butterscotch - Flat Feet
Lickety Split

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