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Adopt Your Own Starsign Pony


I adopted Virgo at Princess Taffeta's Scrapbook (UK)

Click on her to adopt your Starsign Pony!

*Note- This sign is not Virgo
Baby Moondream's Baby Adoptions

Button's Playground Season Pony Adoption

Citizen of Ponyland

My Name Is Lofty
Wish to join? Click here!
Cizzy's Pony Adoption

Dragon Pony Adoption

Dragon Pony adoption is changing hosts and is down at this time until site is moved to geocities

Dreamchaser's Lullabye Nursery Adoptions

Baby Rainbow
was adopted on 5/24/2001 at Dreamchaser's Lullabye Nursery Adoptions

Emerald Valley Newborn Pony Adoptions

Baby Dancing Butterflies was adopted by Lofty at the Emerald Valley Baby Adoption Center.
Featherfire's Meadow Adoption Center

Lofty adopted an elemental pony - air
from the Featherfire's Meadow Adoption Center.
Lady Morning Glory's Real Big Brother Adoptions

Lullabye Nursery Adopt-A-Pony

Baby Lofty

Baby Lofty was adopted on June 27, 2000 at Lullabye Nursery..

Map of Ponyland

My Little Pony Art Studio Adopt

Merry Treats Birthflower Adoption

Lofty Adopted Morning Glory

Site is down right now.

Pixie's Pony Adoption Centre

adopt a pony like me!
I adopted Lofty at
Pixie's Pony Adoption Centre
Pony Name Registry

*Note- LPP is not a member, my name was already in use :-(
Ponyland Adoption Agency

Site is gone if you know what happened, please share?

Ready for Rainbow's Adoption Center

LPP adopted Posey on May 30, 2001

Unicorn Friendship Center

Get your Unicorn here
You can get a unicorn or pony there, too!

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