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1998 Bean Plushes
A new addition to Hasbro plush line is the 1998 bean bag toys (beanies). They follow the new trend of beanie collectors and resemble the new and old designs of MLP. There are six different ponies and they come with a tush tag and paper hang tag. There was also 6 beanies made in the U.K.

(Example is of Dainty Doves tush tag)
(My Little Pony logo) 70507/70504 Asst. Dainty Dove™ © 1998 Hasbro Industries, Inc. Pawtucket, RI 02862 USA. All rights Reserved. MADE IN CHINA. C-098A

(Example is of Dainty Doves hang tag)
Ages 3 & Up (My Little Pony logo)™ Note to parents: Before your child plays with this toy, use scissors to cut the plastic attachment that holds this card and discard the pieces.

United States

Dainty Dove Dainty Dove is white. Her mane is pink and yellow braided into 3 braids tied with a purple ribbon and her tail is a single yellow braid also with a purple ribbon. Symbol is two purple doves holding pink wedding bells.

Ivy Ivy is light blue with straight pink and purple mane. Her tail is pink and is tied like her mane with and aqua ribbon. Symbol is strands of purple Ivy.

Light HeartLight Heartis white. Her mane and tail are purple and dark pink, braided, and tied with white ribbons. Symbol is pink and purple hearts.

Sky SkimmerSky Skimmer is yellow with light pink straight hair and dark pink ribbons. Symbol is a pink butterfly.

SundanceSundance is pink with yellow and purple braided mane and yellow tail both tied with a yellow ribbon. Symbol is a yellow star.

Sweet BerrySweet Berry is lavender with light pink and dark pink hair and a light pink tail. Her symbol is two dark pink hearts with stems and dots. She has straight hair and lavender ribbons.

United Kingdom

~Pic Needed~ Moon Shadow is purple with purple, light purple and lavender hair and a light pink tail. Her symbol is a white quarter moon and stars. She has braided hair and purple ribbons.

~Pic Needed~ Silver Swirl is white and has grey/silver swirls as her symbol.

~Pic Needed~ Sun Sparkle is purple with purple, light purple and lavender hair and a purple tail. Her symbol is a orange sun. She has braided hair and yellow ribbons.

~Pic Needed~ Tipsy Tulip is pink with aqua and pink hair and a aqua tail. Her symbol is purple tulips. She has braided hair and purple ribbons.

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