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LPP Weekly News
November 5, 2001 - November 11, 2001

Swap Boxes!
Did you know about one of the newest great ideas to come out of the pony community? Swap boxes are boxes of pony items that are shipped from one pony lover to another each person takes and puts back into the box pony related items. This is a great way to get new things cheaply and it is a lot of fun. There are 3 boxes that I know of a UK/Europe box, US ornament box, and a Canadian box. There are separate boxes to eliminate overseas shipping costs. The swap box details are listed below.
UK/Europe swap box
Canadian swap box
US ornament swap box

Are these your stolen pony Artwork? PART 2
Another person has stepped up and is asking if there pony address labels they are selling on Bidville is your artwork.
Bidville Auctions.
If so contact - Tayba (

Contest- Make a custom pony of your favorite candy or sweet

International Pony Day on August 2, 2002
IDP is set up for next year. Please take a look at the new update and plan your next activity.
IDP 2002

Map of Ponyland Revamp
Map of Ponyland has been updated with a new look and navigational direction. Be sure to check it out.
Map of Ponyland


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