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Butterick made a line of My Little Pony plush patterns in 1985 so you can sew and stuff your own pony. I believe there is one for every adult plush pony that was made. I listed all that I know for sure on. There is one pattern that let you pick what pony you wanted and there are 10 to choose from. The hair is like Cabbage Patch Kids hair which makes me wonder if some of the Pyjama cases didn't come from patterns??? The numbers run as either 3 digits or 4. I believe that the 3 digits are the ones that have both English and French instructions and the 4 digits are just English.

I am having so much fun with the pattern I decided to include ALL My Little Pony patterns not just the plush, if you know of more e-mail me!





Pic Wanted!Starshine




Pic Wanted!Firefly








Butterick #3314
Plush Ornaments

Featuring: Majesty, Glory, Sprinkles, Starshine, Firefly, Cotton Candy, Lemon Drop, Blossom, Twilight, and Moondancer

Pic Courtesy of Baby Rainribbon!

Pic Courtesy of Baby Rainribbon!
Butterick #3383
Shirt & Sweater
Wendy #2823 Code B
Sweater & Cardigan

UK ©1985

Wendy # 3287
Double Knit Sweaters

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