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It's easy to join Webring:

1ST- Click on the below link to join.


2ND- Fill out the form with your site's info.

3RD- Add the navigational bar to your site! If you already have a Webring navigational bar on your site then webring will add this webring to the list of webrings you already belong to.

4TH- Check your e-mail to see a Welcome message from me! I will add you after reviewing your site for the Webring navigational bar.

This is what the Navigational bar looks like!

What is (netring) Ringsurf and how do I join?

Ringsurf is more like the old Webring where you can customize your table and I like it a little better than the new Yahoo Webring so I decided to have both because webring has a lot of errors and you can't e-mail members there password if they forget etc.

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What the Lofty's Plush Paradise Netring looks like!

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Lofty's Plush Paradise Net Ring by Yvonne
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Hello Fellow Members,

Webring has changed again! From Webring to Yahoo Webring now back to Webring. So you need to migrate to the new system. Click this link for instructions on how to do this. Remember my ring id will remain the same Ring ID: Lofty. If you have any trouble e-mail me. Thanks again for keeping yout status and sites up to date.


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